Live the Book of Acts

At SOS Mission Bible School we believe that you can live the life we read about in the Book of Acts. The first Christians lived an absolutely supernatural life marked by big signs and wonders, and so can you! We believe that God has an adventurous life ready and is just waiting for you to step into it. A life where you can lead people to salvation, heal the sick, cast out demons, baptize people in lakes and bathtubs, and be led by the Spirit of God.

During our nine month program we will give you a firm foundation of sound biblical teaching and a strong inner life where you can be led by the Holy Spirit. Every morning starts with one hour of prayer and worship followed by four lessons each day. Our lessons will cover a variety of topics in the Bible ranging from effective prayer to righteousness by faith. We have well experienced teachers who are living this life out and who will open up the Bible and make it come alive for you!




One evening a week you will have the privilege to follow our evangelists out to the streets of Stockholm to share Jesus with the people.

Mission Trip

At the end of the year we are going abroad on a mission trip together. We will go to an African capital city where you will get the chance to preach and to practice everything you will have learned during the school year.

For more information visit: sosadventure.org

Church Practice

During the year you will be able to select a department within the church to serve in. You will learn practical ways of building church in multicultural Stockholm. You will work with your department for the whole year. There is something for everyone.