Become A Spiritual Leader

The Leadership Academy is an education for those that have already been through a bible school or theological education. We want to train you to take the next step as a spiritual leader and equip you to do pioneer work, to plant churches, and do missions among the unreached people groups. 

This education is built on interactive teaching, round table discussion, practical assignments and personal coaching. Our teachers want to be open-hearted, transparent, and personal so that you can learn from their successes and failures and reach further in your leadership. In the Leadership Academy you will receive a strong mix of practical training and biblical education. After this year you will be ready to meet the daily demands of a spiritual leader and be led by the Holy Spirit more effectively.




Our goal for all students in the Leadership Academy is that you will make soul winning and disciple training a key part of your lifestyle. For this reason, once a week, you will walk the streets and preach the gospel along with SOS Street Mission. You will also lead by example for our Bible School students on how to preach and testify.

Mission Trip

As a student at the Leadership Academy you will be part of a team that will travel to a festival in an African capital city. You will arrive before the other teams to help prepare for the festival. This will be your mission practice.

Personal Coaching

During this year, one of the pastors in SOS Church will be your mentor and personal coach. Through meetings, lunches, and evenings spent together you will be formed and trained by being close to a leader in action.